Domes come in various sizes, but all of them are mega-structures meant to house other buildings. Most of the buildings related to colonists can be placed only under Domes - this includes living quarters, research labs, certain factories, and service buildings. Domes are expensive constructions, and space underneath is premium, so players are solving a spacial puzzle with every Dome they create.

Placing any building takes space, and players have to maintain a careful balance between residences and workplaces. Food production, research, and production of advanced resources can be distributed between Domes, but specialized Domes exist that can focus on individual gameplay aspects.

A dedicated farming Dome can feed a significant portion of a colony. A luxury service and residential Dome provides comfortable conditions for Colonists living inside, increasing their birth rate and morale. A mining Dome may be meant to service nearby resource extractors, located just outside the Dome, providing plenty of living space for miners and the facilities to handle the stress caused by their work.

The following are types of domes. Note that the Wonder, the Geoscape Dome, is also included.

Spire Edit

The monumental central structure in a Dome is called a Spire. Most Domes can have only one single Spire, but the Spire grants a powerful benefit to the entire Dome, specializing it even further in a chosen direction. An Arcology provides residential space for numerous colonists, a Water Reclamation System recycles vital H20, while a Network Node boosts all research conducted in the Dome.

The following are spires:

Notes Edit

  • Each Dome can be set up to filter colonists by age, specialization, and other traits. Colonists with any of the desired traits and none of the undesired ones will remain in the Dome, while others will seek another Dome with available living space and filter that matches their traits.

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