One of six lines of Research available through the game Engineering research is largely about building efficiency.

Research is largely randomized as far as position in the track is concerned although the first five positions are consistently the same in a randomized order and the final Wonder is always last.

First FiveEdit

Low-G High-rise - New Building: Apartments (35C 10P) - A Residential Building that houses many Colonists. ("I suggest that going to Mars means permanence on the planet - a mission by which we are building up a confidence level to become a two-planet species.")

Advanced Martian Engines - Rockets and Shuttles require less Fuel (The scarcity of Martian-made rocket fuel options has made for our first true contribution towards rocket engine efficiency.)

Decommission Protocol - Allows the clearing of salvaged and destroyed buildings. (We have reached the point where we must do away with old buildings on Mars to make way for new ones.)

Fuel Compression - Rocket Cargo Space increased by 10,000 kg. (The fuel section is by far the largest and, when full, the heaviest part of any rocket. This makes developing more compressed fuels especially important when striving to bring more to Mars with fewer rockets.

Low-G Hydrosynthesis - New Building: Polymer Factory (10C 5M 5? 6H) - Produces Polymers from Water and Fuel. New Building: Fuel Refinery (5C 5M 5?) - Produces Fuel from Water. (Resolving the obvious problems with water pressure in Low-G environments will allow for more complex hydro-synthetic procedures to be done on-site on Mars.)

Subsequent technologiesEdit

Micro Manufacturing - New Building: Electronics Factory (10C 5M 15? 10H) - Produces Electronics from Rare Metals. ("In the end, I hope there's a little note somewhere that says I designed a good computer." Steve Wozniak)

Smart Home - New Buildings: Smart Homes (5C 3?) & Smart Complex (15C 10?) - Rovides a very comfortable living space for Colonists. Residents will recover Sanity when resting. (Perfecting the Martian household - for a better life beyond Earth.)

Sustainable Architecture - In-Dome buildings require maintenance less often. (Shifting focus away from "fixing it" to "avoiding it" is the natural step forward for any Martian habitat.)

Compact Passenger Module - Passenger Rockets carry 10 more Colonists. (Better design patterns and lighter, tougher materials have all contributed to a more advanced and compact rocket passenger module.)

Storage Compression - Water, Oxygen and Power storage capacity expanded by 50%. (Life support resources are essential for the survival of the Colony. Fortunately, a new method of compressiong fluids in low-gravity environments can help us increase our reserve capacity greatly.)

Low-G Engineering - New Dome: Medium (150C 80M 25P) - A medium-sized Dome. (Gaining experience in actually building constructions on Mars rather than just hypothesizing has vastly advanced our off-Earth architectural capabilities.)

Plasma Cutters - Rare Metals Extractor production increased by 50%. (Introducing state of the art plasma torches to our Rare Metals Extractors show a great promise for boosts in production.)

Arcology - New Spire Building: Arcology (80C 10P) - provides comfortable living space for many colonists. (Martian settlements are becoming less just mere shelters and more of fully fledged cities -cities with unique vibes and even architecture.)

Mars Nouveau - Building construction costs in Metals & Concrete reduced by 20% (excluding Domes). (A mix of off-world pride, a unique and ambitious style, and imspired creativity has resulted in more efficient structural design.)

Resilient Architecture - Out-Dome buildings require maintenance less often. (There is a difference between knowing that conditions on Mars will take a heavy toll on man-made buildings and actually experiencing and fixing the damage done. The latter paints a better picture for improvement.)

Waste Rock Liquification - Drones can extract concrete from Waste Rock stored in Dumping Sites. (The utilization of lots of waste rock by reprocessing it into becoming concrete-grade regolith as part of our "Nothing is Wasted" efficiency policy.)

Gravity Engineering - New Dome: Mega (300C 200M 100P) - The most advanced and spacious Dome design. (We have reached a proficiency in engineering that surpasses the most ambitious architectural achievements on Earth.)

Final WonderEdit

Orbital Engineering - Wonder: Space Elevator (400C 200M 150P 150MP) - Exports Rare Metals to Earth and offers resupply materials and prefabs at preferential prices. ("The space elevator will be built about 50 years after everyone stops laughing." Arthur C. Clarke)