Water on Mars can be processed with Moisture Vaporators or harvested from subsurface permafrost deposits via Water Extractors. It is distributed via a pipe network, which it shares with the distribution of oxygen.

Apart from being essential for supporting life inside Domes ad field buildings that have human operators, water is used for the synthesizing process of polymers and rocket fuel.

Background Edit

The most important ingredient for life to exist is by no means scarce on Mars. However, it is mostly frozen and underground, making it difficult for acquiring. As bringing the water needed to sustain a city on Mars back from Earth is a huge burden on every craft and far from efficient, constructing a steady water supply solely by harnessing water ice found on Mars is absolutely essential for the survival of any colony.

Consumers Edit

The following buildings consume water.

Name Category Cost
Subsurface Heater Infrastructure 1
Fuel Refinery Production 1
Polymer Factory Production 1
Farm Life Support Variable
Fungal Farm Life Support 0.50
Hydroponic Farm Life Support Variable
Basic Dome Dome 1
Medium Dome Dome 2
Mega Dome Dome 4
Oval Dome Dome 2
Hanging Gardens Dome Spires 2
Geoscape Dome Wonder 10